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Novated Lease for individuals

car finance, financing, chattel mortgage, car lease, car leases, cars, financing, commercial hire purchase,car, carsNovated Lease is a Finance Lease for individuals who receive a salary.

Novated Lease is used as a method of Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrifice.

Using a Novated Lease the employer agrees to pay the monthly Lease Rentals on behalf of the employee from the employee’s pre-tax income.

Novated Lease can be structured over a term of 24 months to 60 months with a Residual Value payable at the end of the term. The inclusion of the Residual Value has the effect of reducing monthly lease rentals.

Novated Lease is really only appropriate for cars priced up to the Depreciation Limit of $57,180 due to GST implications. Borrowers are advised to obtain accountant’s advice in relation to tax benefits.

Nimik can offer Novated Lease with

  • No Early Payout Penalty*

*(to approved applicants)

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